Support For This Idea

Support for the idea of walkable communities is broad and at multiple levels. At an international level, this idea is seen as following the traditional pathway that still supports the majority of development around the world.

National Level Support

Nationally, you will find organizations such as the Urban Land Institute (ULI) – the national organization of land developers and documents championed and produced by their Senior Fellow – Ed McMahon. There is also the American Planning Association (APA) and their Healthy Places initiative. The Citadels project is squarely in the vision of the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU) as well. Click on this link to see more about each group’s individual documents.


Numerous National practitioners of planning, housing and design are aligned with this type of work, including planners of courtyard communities such as Ross Chapin, Rural Developments such as Randall Arendt, Co-housing such as McMann Studios, Community economics from Strong Towns and Charles Marohn, National New Urbanist planners such as DPZ Duany Platter Zyberg, and locally by renowned planners such as Sinclair Black (see the testimonial on the front page). Click here to see links, resources, from these professionals and more.

So “Why hasn’t it been built yet?”

It has, but the approaches taken by previous developments have been from the traditional development viewpoint. That has created successful developments, but poor farms. Consider the research by the Liberty Prairie Foundation which says that Prairie Crossing in Chicago wishes that they would have started their development with the design of the farm first. The ULI reports that there are more than 200 agrihoods in the USA, but many are suffering from the same problems that Prairie Crossing reports.

Citadels breaks out from that key problem, by designing the farm first, and not just for the physical design, but also for the economics and cash flow because any project is poor if the long term operator cannot make a reasonable profit. And third, the project must continue to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to the community. Citadels has demonstrated all of that in its work over the last 5 years. We had to prove it both to ourselves, and we will be doing it again for the directors of the community. Click here to see more.

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