Whether Paleo, Keto or Vegan, you will be supported by the regenerative agriculture farm producing the tastiest and healthiest food available. Human health starts from the ground up: with healthy soil. We nourish the land so it can nourish you.

Balanced soil delivers the best nutrition

The goal of regenerative agriculture is to improve the land and all that is produced from it. To do this, we start with earthworks to create swales, berms and ponds for filtering, capturing and storing all rainwater falling on the site.

The next step is testing the soil and remineralizing and composting it as necessary, restoring minerals and nutrients that have been lost through overgrazing, erosion, and general degradation. This process rebuilds soil organic matter and restores degraded soil biodiversity, improving the water cycle and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere into the soil, where it belongs.

Balancing minerals and nutrients and optimizing biodiversity in the soil gives plants the best foundation for growth. Just as properly nourished plants thrive, resisting illness and disease, so do livestock and humans who eat these plants.

Toxin-free environment

Bonus: The food grown here needs no herbicides or pesticides, so if you prefer not to expose yourself and your loved ones to glyphosate and other toxic industrial ag inputs, you’re in the right place. Once our pilot project has succeeded, we will aim for food-, water-, and energy sovereignty for future communities, so water too will be free of added chemicals due to being sourced from rainwater (purified by UV, for example).

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