The Carbon Problem

Homeowners are losing control of affordability, food, life, community and the environment because of dominating industrial lifestyles.  Citadels are regenerative places that support a regenerative environment, resulting in better food, quality of life, resilient communities and more affordable lifestyles. Start the transition today.

We use the classic citadels concept to provide walkable lifestyles and a permanent full-time farmer’s market inside a green infrastructure farm with livestock, that benefits you with fresher air and water as well as protection from drought, wildfire and flooding. Regenerative agriculture, with solar and other renewable energy sources, provides ample food and energy for residents and beyond, as well as nearby nature.

We are all trapped in an industrial world that is destroying our health and our planet.

Contribute your power to the growing regenerative community, and let’s build better places together.

Only Citadels is building the unique communities that give you a better life at lower cost, and fix climate change.

We are all tired of solutions that we can’t afford (i.e. solar and electric cars) because of the rising cost of living, or actions that take so much effort on our part (recycling, decreasing our energy usage). We want places that are designed from the start to be regenerative and fix the climate! Places that support regenerative lifestyles with nutritious food, 100% renewable energy, and a wide variety of shared electric transit options.

The places we live in should shelter us without damaging others – whether those others are humans, other species, or the planet. Citadels communities – walkable villages inside regenerative agriculture farms – are designed from the start to give you a more convenient, affordable, healthier lifestyle and a lower carbon footprint.

As a resident, you don’t need to do anything to improve your lifestyle and the environment – except enjoy your new home. No farm work required!

The walkable villages provide the quarter-mile lifestyle: restaurants, entertainment, playgrounds, doctors, shops and transit all within a short walk from home. The farms not only provide nature and an abundance of food for residents but also remove carbon from the atmosphere and put it back into the soil, where it belongs.

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