Choosing your conventional residential or new home property is a very complex decision, and climate change will make those choices harder. That’s because we are trying to retrofit conventional housing solutions for a problem they weren’t designed to address. That makes retrofitting very expensive and time consuming.

Citadels on the other hand are designed to deal with Climate Change, thus making the transition much more smooth and affordable. The following chart offers a simplistic evaluation of selected features.

Chart is copyright of Citadels 2019

Citadels is about fixing climate change / global warming, using an innovative financial model, where you the homeowner are the hero.

Citadels is fixing climate change by creating new communities that give people a better life at lower cost by design. We are solving the question of how to finance green infrastructure to address climate change & affordability in a way that can be replicated nationally, by combining walkable villages with regenerative agriculture.

We are focusing on new master planned communities where instead of bulldozing hundreds of acres to start with a blank slate, we first design the green infrastructure, a regenerative farm. The residents finance the farm, and the farm provides ecosystem services for residents: cleaner air and water, a cooler microclimate, and food sovereignty, while sequestering carbon at the lowest cost.

Typical master planned communities – our competition – still force us into car-dependent sprawl, the same land use pattern that has dominated for over 50 years now. There have been tweaks, like adding small farms and community gardens, but nothing that substantially changes lifestyles for residents or environmental metrics for the local ecosystem. We propose to be the first new development that actually improves the environment it’s on.

About 60% of the Central Texas population falls within our target psychographic, the creatives. These are people looking for a lower cost of living, healthier lifestyles, and a higher quality of life as expressed by more nutritious food, fresher air, access to abundant nature, and vibrant social scene they can get to without driving! We deliver by offering smaller lots, smaller houses, and local shops & services in a walkable place that reduces or eliminates the need for a car, saving residents thousands of dollars per year. Think of Austin’s Mueller neighborhood, but better.

We have done extensive consumer research that documents this unmet need, and we have a mailing list of >1500 people. Our next move is a platform-based subscription model to formalize interest through timestamps or hedges that are like the number you get at the bakery to hold your place in line. Subscribers will get access to residential lots based on their position in the queue.

Once critical mass builds, committed individuals opt-in to form a demand-driven district using project finance to fund land purchase, independent lawyers, etc. The district partners with Citadels to manage the project and farm.

We have extensive due diligence by a local planner of national renown, Sinclair Black, and local civil engineer & planner Pix Howell. Cathey Lowe, former CFO for a Fortune 500 real estate company, has vetted our financials. Patrick has extensive experience in project finance, complex livestock operations & soil biology, and my experience is in environmental & regional planning and public outreach.

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