The best way to understand CITADELS is to think of agrihoods – but CITADELS surpass existing agrihoods by most measures. CITADELS are compact, pedestrian-oriented communities where you can safely walk to a place worth going to: your favorite coffeeshop, your grocery store, your friend’s house, your child’s school – all within 15 minutes. The regenerative farm provides enough animal protein to meet all your needs, and you can breathe easy knowing that all the animals spend their lives outdoors in lush green pastures, eating what Mother Nature intended them to eat: no soy- or corn-fed beef here! Not only that, the massive green infrastructure also protects against weather extremes such as excessive heat, drought, flood and wildfire, keeping you & your family safe and your property values secure.

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Green Lifestyles

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Farming, Gardening & Homesteading

Circular Economy

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