Co-housing and Intentional Communities

There are many opportunities for co-housing, also known as intentional housing. Please be sure to to check out the work of McCammett-Durrett on the practitioner page. There is also more information available on mixed-use buildings.

The most important things to know about co-housing in a Citadels community are:

  • There are plenty of ‘blocks’ having 20 Single Family Homes based on 25′ wide lots. We also expect to have some 37.5′ and 50′ lots, but their availability is determined solely by the District and its elected representatives from the List.
  • Lots will be chosen in order of the timestamp you get when you make a purchase to get onto the list. Thus, it is very important that people wanting to form a community together sign up at about the same time so as to have similar timestamps to be able to choose a block together. It is undesirable to have your group’s timestamps vary widely.
  • It is up to the members of the co-housing group to build a community building together with an initial assumption that it will be one of the lots. In this case someone in the group will want to purchase a second lot.
  • Please contact us if there are any concerns or questions. We want to make Regenerative Lifestyles more affordable, and more sociable. This is an important market segment for us. You can contact us via this link.
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