There are many types of housing to choose from in a Citadels village. The variety of sizes and price points means there are options to suit singles, large families, and everyone in between.

Single Family Homes

One of thousands of options available from Houseplans.com. This house is 32′ wide, 1600 sq ft, 3 bedroom and 2 bath. Fits a 37.5′ lot.
Modern style, from eplans.com. It’s 19′ wide and features 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. Fits a 25′ lot.

Vertical Mixed Use and Multi-Family

Pictures coming soon.

Vertical mixed use (VMU) buildings are multi-story, with residential spaces located above office, retail or commercial. An example of such units is under construction now on South Congress Avenue. VMU buildings have the advantage of allowing the resident to enjoy the benefits of no commute, plus income from the building to pay for the building. These can be constructed at a larger size as well, to allow for multiple apartments above the ground-floor non-residential space. Retail spaces within VMU buildings benefit from the built-in customer base living above or very nearby.

Co-housing and Intentional Communities

They aren’t communes, but residential communities are built upon an expectation of cooperation among residents. Some might be eco-villages and others co-ops; in almost all cases, they are built around a common vision, particularly sharing. Members might wish to live in very small apartments with shared kitchens, or in single-family homes clustered around a pocket park, or one of several other configurations.

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