Farm Stewards

Regenerative Agriculture plays a vital role in the development of Citadels.  It provides the critical EcoSystem Services relied upon by the residents for the Food, Energy, and Water and protection from wildfire, flooding, mudslides, etc., and provides key carbon sequestration activities.

If you are interested in Regenerative Agriculture and looking for an employed position, please read further if you are entrepreneurial and wish to start a farm. Congratulations.  We are long-time entrepreneurs and understand the challenges of starting a regenerative agriculture farm in a time of climate extremes and uncertainty.  It’s the precise reason we avoided starting a farm for ten years and focused on Keystone Places.

If you seek employment, you will want to catch on with one of the projects in development.  There are currently no projects in development.  However, you may want to be one of the first to be employed at one of the greatest innovations in Regenerative Agriculture.  It will provide you with a financially stronger employer and thus career track and a portfolio of developments that help your career progress.  From Beginning Farmers and Ranchers to experienced shepherds, Keystone Places will be the center point of Resident Financed Agriculture (RFA).

Microbial Earth Farms

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