We would like to discuss with you a way in which we can help your organization raise money.

Citadels are walkable villages inside regenerative agriculture farms that not only protect residents from extreme weather such as drought, flood and wildfire, but also produce abundant, nutrient-dense food and other ecosystem services.

Citadels is working to solve climate change. We are building new communities that give people a higher quality of life at lower cost while sequestering carbon on their behalf.

We are focused on creating a true circular economy in which nothing is wasted and no pollution is produced. The walkable villages are complete communities that feature shops, services, and office space, along with maker spaces, gathering spaces, libraries, and performance venues for residents. Because the “quarter-mile lifestyle” puts so many destinations within easy reach, residents can leave their cars at home most of the time – or even save thousands of dollars by giving up a car entirely.

We are using a subscription model in which people sign up to receive information and a timestamp. The timestamp holds their place in the virtual queue to give them priority on choosing lots in the first community.


For every person who signs up at the $75 level at Citadels through your non-profit’s channel, we will donate $20 to your organization. Our first village will generate up to $26,000 in total donations.

Please let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting for an in-depth discussion of our proposal by contacting us through the orange support button at the bottom right (hit enter once to surface the contact form).

You can find a copy of our terms and conditions here, and register as an affiliate here.

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