Tractor Trails Of Protesting Dutch Farmers Snarl Traffic for Hundreds Of Miles : NPR

A story with fascinating implications for industrial agriculture.  The Dutch Supreme Court has ruled that ammonia from livestock is affecting the Dutch climate goals, and has thus placed a halt to the construction of confined animal buildings which are most often used for chickens, pigs and dairy.  This is one of industrial agriculture’s achilles heals. Dairy can move more easily to outdoor operations but that is tricky in the Dutch winters and rainy seasons.  Depending on the management system employed by the farmer, grazing animals can be more regenerative than animals fed corn and soybean rations.

If our hope is a return to climate normalcy somewhere in the future, then we must transition to regenerative agriculture, and away from industrial meat production.  The sooner the better.  Conventional farming should take note as there could be a massive amount of stranded assets in this transition.  Buyer beware!

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