Farm Free OR Die!

Kudos to NPR for titling their story this way.  An excellent story of communities in Maine making it easier for local farmers to make a living by selling produce to their neighbors.  This type of ruling is incredibly important for a reason I had not understood just 24 hrs ago.

We are seeing signs of certain elements building up in soils.  It is now easier to tell identify a property by which has been doing home composting, by their soil test.  There are certain minerals that have been accused of creating very real problems in our society, and they are widely available through our food system.  The majority of these problems must be coming from the high degree of processed food in our society, and surely those minerals are part of compounds and additives used to extend the shelf life of foods.  How do we as a society become toxin free?  Can we?

Policies that make local food the first choice and support local community development are smart.  If we are trying to prevent the buildup of toxic elements in our backyards, and thus improve the water cycle for our aquifers, reduce our utility bills (water and A/C electric), we need to start thinking about the toxicity of the current food system, not only for ourselves, but for our soil.

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