Dome School Biochar Garden

Is a soil with biochar better?  What can we expect from biochar additions to our soil?  Here is a good video of a school garden and healthy looking plants.

What I think may be the most beneficial aspect of biochar is that it can also be used to take a waste and make it into something more valuable.  I am not talking about wood chips.  I am talking about URINE!  I think that it is clear to all people that urine has a beneficial value.  The question is about safety.  Just as bokashi and fermentation are safe, natural ways to preserve foods and food scraps, we need to look more into options for handling our urine.  We expect farmer’s to do this with their animals wastes, all the time.  In fact, we would think that they are poor farmers if they didn’t use their animal wastes as a soil ammendment!  Only after we have demonstrated safe handling practices for urine, can we move on to the more complicated subjects.

Biochar has an excellent ability to sequester nitrogen and preventing it from rotting into methane.  It’s ability to trap minerals and then hold them until the plant roots can come and get them is quite amazing.  I hope to have more on this in the coming months.

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