Get ready for tree planting with Texas Dewtraps (Presentation)

When:         Some time in June, 2013
Where:        Treehouse, 4477 South Lamar (near Central Market South), Austin TX
Presenter:    Patrick Van Haren

Every day, water in Texas is becoming a more serious and controversial topic.  The sales of residential rainwater collection systems are steadily increasing.  Are there any new concepts in rain water collection?
Treehouse and Microbial Earth Farms are introducing the Texas Dewtrap, a low-labor, simple technology to provide a constant supply of rain water and more importantly – morning dew – to new trees and plants.
Many newly planted trees die before they can get established.  Ensuring enough moisture to new trees until they can form their root systems and become independent requires diligence on the part of the property owner.  The Texas Dewtrap dramatically reduces this requirement by replenishing an internal 5-gallon reservoir of water with rainfall and morning dew, unlike tree gators which require regular replenishment – often from a garden hose.  The unique design of the Texas Dewtrap facilitates the use of higher quality water with less labor. 
Dewtraps are an excellent tool for re-establishing tree cover in remote dry areas, or for use in residential locations where the option for labor-saving, cost effective irrigation techniques are valued.  Dewtraps can reduce the mortality rates for expensive fruit trees, while reducing utility costs to homeowners through lower electricity and water bills as a result of faster growing trees.

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