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Successful Event

Thanks to all who came to visit us at the Body Mind Spirit Fair at the Palmer Event Center on Jan 25-26. We are so grateful for your interest in the nation’s first village focused on holistic/regenerative lifestyles.

Jim Richardson of Richardson Farms at Citadels’ Barton Creek Farmer’s Market booth
Nov. 2, 2019.

“This is the Future.”

Jim Richardson of Richardson Farms, the largest protein vendor at Austin Farmer’s Markets.

“I believe that [Citadels] has the potential to establish a major international precedent. Locally, there are many good plans for sustainability that I have worked extensively on, including Imagine Austin, Envision Central Texas, Trust for Public Land’s Greenprint as well as Travis County’s Land, Water and Transportation plan. Citadels would be a wonderful way to help achieve those plans.”

“I particularly like how the vision reverses the typical suburban development mentality. … As you can see, I am enthusiastic in my support of the concept being proposed by Citadels.”